Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Slug Talk

It’s spring and the slugs are on their way! In many gardens (including my own), they are already here.

Join me this Saturday (March 26th) at the Better Living Show and find out how to fight these garden marauders.

The Better Living Show is all about living sustainably. There’s lots to learn at seminars, booths, and demonstrations. Discover today’s electric cars, efficient appliances, and environmentally-friendly building materials.

And for gardeners, there’s even more to know. Grow delicious mushrooms right on your kitchen countertop with Fungi Perfecti. Discover native plants with Linda McMahan and Carl Grimm. Find out how to grow vegetables year round with the Grow4it system. Backyard chickens, rain gardens, and urban composting – get all your questions answered.

And if slugs are your problem – come see me.

Saturday, March 26th
4:00 pm
Room D201
Better Living Show
Portland Expo Center