Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TaborSpace Master Gardener Clinic

Come celebrate the newest Master Gardener Plant Clinic in the community space and coffeehouse known as TaborSpace in the Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church at SE 55th and SE Belmont. Today, Wednesday, May 18th, from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Tonight's Kick-off Celebration includes specially-selected Vegetable Starts to get your garden started - finally! Many of the varieties for sale are those recommended for successfully growing in the NW by vegetable expert, Willi Galloway.

Green Zebra Tomato
Juane Flamme Tomato
Legend Tomato
Purple Calabash Tomato
Stupice Tomato
Cherry Bomb Hot Pepper
Little Finger Eggplant
Purple Tomatillo

Portland Nursery loaded up 100 of these premium organic veggie starts and they are on their way to the TaborSpace Kick-Off celebration,.

So drop by TaborSpace tonight - join the 'Kick-Off' celebration, get your garden question answered, buy some beautiful veggie starts, enjoy some sweet and savory treats, and the company of the TaborSpace community.