Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How the Professionals Do It

On Saturday, the 18th, you can visit eight professionally-designed gardens to see how experienced landscape designers resolved the challenges these homes presented.

For me, the real fun of garden tours is finding those new ideas that can enhance my own garden. The Association of Northwest Landscape Designers (ANLD) Behind the Scenes Tour has lots to offer in terms of intriguing uses of plants, structure that defines and showcases a home, and some really dramatic art work.

Whether houses are getting bigger or lots are getting smaller, there seems to be less room for outdoor living. This path to the back of the house is a welcoming and interesting change from the traditional concrete-sidewalk-to-the-backyard.

And if that entry way needs a dramatic touch, perhaps a multi-level water fall would be just the ticket.

You'll find solutions and ideas for your sloped hills, small spaces, freezing winds, and privacy demands. Garden designers and garden owners will be on hand to give you the scoop behind the polished finale.

You'll also find garden art throughout the gardens - many pieces made especially to be shown at this event.

Find out more about the tour here. Tickets are $20 - available online or at local nurseries (Portland Nursery, Garden Fever, Magnolia Manor, and Dennis 7 Dees). Proceeds support ANLD scholarship programs in our community.

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