Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Temperatures are trending up!

It may not be a steady trend, but can we really wait any longer?

Do you still have plants in pots? Afraid that the soil is still too cold and wet? Let’s get them into the ground and give them a chance.

If you think your garden spot is still too cold, cover the plants with a cloche (fancy name for any sort of cover to keep heat around plants). It could be a plastic tent, a bell jar, or even a large jar turned upside-down.

One gardeners favorite is the Walls O’Water, those blue tubes filled with water. Though these are generally used to protect early plants from cold nights, they could be used all season to add extra warmth to the soil. And Portland gardens surely need that.

Tomatoes and peppers come from areas in South America where temperatures never dip below the 50’s. In our area temperatures never get above the 50’s. A bit of a tough spot for these crops.

And the continuing rain isn’t helping.

I'll be in the studio this Saturday, 10 till noon, so let's talk!

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